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What is our approach to teaching pupils with SEND?

Our first approach to teaching pupils with SEND is ensuring excellent, targeted classroom teaching, known as Quality First Teaching.  For the pupil, this would mean that their teacher has the highest possible expectations of them and all pupils in their class and that teaching is targeted towards their next steps, with a focus on building on what they already know, can do and can understand.  Appropriate teaching styles will be a feature of every lesson so that all pupils are fully involved in the lesson and specific strategies and/or resources to meet pupils’ needs will be in place to further support learning.


The Graduated Approach to SEND Support is then implemented to ensure children with SEND receive further specific support for their needs as required.  The Graduated Response scales from reasonable adjustments to Quality First Teaching e.g. personalised resources, to time limited interventions aimed to fill a gap in learning/development to long term, personalised intervention to support a specific need.