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I liked the acting part as it’s my strong point in drama and not singing. I enjoyed learning to be one of the ugly sisters, walking like one, talking like one and getting a good posture. I now know what it’s like to be one of the characters we see on the stage.



The dancing was really fun and we learnt a lot of new moves and we got to do it on the Grove stage. The dance leader was very kind and helpful and taught me lots of new things.



I enjoyed the dancing part as there was a routine from a current pantomime that we got to learn and there was a part with a freestyle section where we could choreograph our own team movements. Our team worked well together and had our own moves within this so we all felt included.



It was really good because myself and Aaron got to do freestyle parts and we really enjoyed them.

Oliver P


I liked the acting workshop. It was really funny to hear the ugly sister names people developed and watching people turn them into characters they could pretend to be.



I want to be an actress when I am older, so it was really cool. I really enjoyed the acting. I called myself ‘Oranges French Avenue’, which I know is random but it’s a road name and a fruit which I thought would go well together! It also suited my ugly sister’s character!

Grace U


I liked pretending to be an ugly sister; it’s quite a fun thing to be!! I thought it was fun to see people act and watch them be the characters as well.

Emily McA


My favourite part by far was making up our own dance moves to go in the middle of the routine we were taught. We worked as a team with our friends and had a great time!



I liked the theatre trip because when we were doing the dance the teacher showed us how to make our own bits up to fit the time.



I really enjoyed the acting at the Grove because we got to use the stage and they made it so much fun for us!!



I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, but my favourite part was either watching Dan/Callum doing their ugly sister impressions. It may have been me and Shaun being ugly sisters though! Not so keen on the dancing as I’m not that good at dancing!

Jack W


Friday was great, especially the acting – I enjoyed it and learnt from it as the people were great at getting us involved and feeling confident.

Callum K