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How do we support pupils moving between phases and preparing for adulthood?

At Lark Rise Academy, we recognise that transitions can be a challenge for pupils with SEND and therefore ensure that support is in place to make transitions as easy for the pupil as possible.  When a pupil moves to another school, either at the end of Year 6 or at another time in their school career, we contact the SENDCo at the new school to ensure they are fully aware of the pupil’s SEND and effective support strategies.  We encourage the pupil to visit their new school in addition to planned transition visits and pass all records (SEND Support Plans, reports from external agencies etc) to the new school.  If a pupil has an EHCP, a member of staff from the pupil’s new school will be invited to the last annual review held at Lark Rise Academy to support information sharing and planning ahead.


We also support pupils with SEND transitioning between year groups and key stages within Lark Rise Academy.  Information about the pupil is passed to the new teacher(s) in advance of the transition with SEND Support Plans and reports from external professionals being made available as required.  Opportunities for pupils to visit their new class are planned for with support from a familiar adult.  Where transition is particularly difficult for a child, a photograph book with details of their new classroom, teachers etc is made for the children to look at with their parents during the summer holidays.