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Mrs Berry's India Competition


Mrs Berry here!!


Further to my trip to India, I would just like to share with you the winners of the competition.  I know many of you had been asking for the results and I promised to share them after Easter... so here are the results!


'Thank you' and a great big 'well done' to all the children who entered the competition to design a mural that would bring comfort and brighten up a dull and uninspiring plain wall in the children's ward at Khristiya Seva Niketan Mission Hospital in Sarenga, West Bengal, India.


The winners were chosen by all the staff and medical students at the hospital after chapel prayers one morning early on in our trip.  This gave me time to transpose the winning designs onto the ward walls.  Each person present at worship was given a small pebble and asked to put it on their favourite picture to be painted in the Children's Ward.  There were lots of deliberations and lots of chatter as people decided where to place their pebble but there were two clear winners... so massive congratulations must go to:


1st Place, Eleanor F yes


2nd Place, Blake T yes



Eleanor, the hospital administrator was blown away by the many subtle messages incorporated into your design and different aspects you had clearly and thoughtfully included in your design.  The message written in sanskrit 'Be Strong', the elephant, the inclusion of the Indian flag, peacock feathers (peacocks being the national bird of India) and mehndi patterns were appreciated by all the voters and they felt that the message 'Be Strong' was most appropriate and an encouragement to the children and their parents/carers as they visited their ill children in hospital, and all this in the Indian colours!


Blake, again, they all loved your happy elephant and the colourful sunshine that had been completed using your take on mehndi designs.  There was not enough space or time to do your complete design, so the most appropriate Indian images were chosen and transferred onto the wall brightening up an otherwise dull space.


I hope you are both pleased with the results!  Khristiya Seva Niketan were!  Thank you for bringing smiles with your winning entries and for your thoughtful designs.


I asked the hospital security guard, who is an excellent artist, to write the 'Be Strong' in Bengali as I was scared it might say something else if I had written it!!!  When the wards are fully decorated, the hospital will cover the designs and paint around them preserving the inspired artwork of Eleanor and Blake for prosperity! 


Well done!  I do have a small prize that will find its way to you both.


Thank you to everyone else who took part in the competition.  All of your artwork was appreciated and brought many smiles to happy faces.  Going back to the theme of the January assembly 'Going for Goals' and the message that 'small things can make a big difference' or in Mother Teresa's words "Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love"...   Eleanor and Blake, be assured, your small, beautiful pieces of artwork, created with great love, will certainly make a huge difference to the children and their families who have to stay in the ward and will help to cheer them up and encourage them.  My sincere thanks and again.... CONGRATULATIONS... 


PS I really enjoyed copying your work and making your artwork a permanent fixture in an Indian Mission Hospital!!!     


Mrs Berry




Science Week

When the dinosaurs came to school



World Book Day


We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 5th March when the children (and staff) came to school in their pyjamas and brought in their favourite bedtime stories to share with their friends. 




The guinea pigs even enjoyed listening to some stories. 


E-Safety Assembly


We were delighted to welcome some students from Challney High School for Boys to our assembly on Monday. The boys gave some really important messages about e-safety. 


New Playground Equipment




Biology Week October 2019