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Here are three websites which we strongly recommend you us for ideas and guidance to support keeping your children safe online and when using the internet :




Net Aware
This website enables parents to quickly assess the safety and use of websites and APPs that their children may want to use or are already using.


Internet matters
This website offers support and advice to parents on how to regulate, support and monitor children's internet use.

Social Media Trends and Information for Parents/Carers

There are new social media sites emerging all the time and it can be difficult for teachers and parents/carers to keep up to date with these. Mrs Shilvock and Mr Ray would recommend that parents/carers keep themselves informed and their children safe using two recommended and approved websites. Safer Internet Centre produces a range of guides for parents that can be read online and printed out.Their latest blog looks at some of the most popular sites used today. The N.S.P.C.C. have also updated their website to include lots of information regarding social media.


Find out more using the web links below:

NOS Safety Leaflets


Below is  a set of support sheets for making sure your child is safe online and you are aware of the issues and dangers of using online APPs and websites without adult monitoring and support. Please note the legal age restrictions on these sites and think about the other users who can use these resources.


The attached guides have been designed to teach parents about the dangers and risks of: Age-inappropriate content, Fake News, Live-streaming, Online Bullying, Online Gambling and Skin Betting, Online Grooming, Online Relationships, Online Reputation, Phishing, Radicalisation, Screen-addiction, Sexting, Sexual Violence and Harassment, and the Dark Web. These excellent parent guides are designed to highlight the key dangers of the most popular websites and apps that children are currently using and suggest effective strategies for keeping them safe while using them.


We would greatly value your support in monitoring the use of these by your children as we are becoming aware more and more frequently of issues that children are experiencing using these resources and the impact this then has on their learning and relationships within school.