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How are the teachers in school helped to work with children with an SEND and what training do they have?

  • The SENCo’s job is to support the class teachers and teaching assistants in planning for children with SEND.
  • The school has a training plan for all staff to improve the teaching and learning of children including those with SEND. This includes whole school training on SEND issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and sensory impairments.
  • Individual teachers and support staff attend training courses run by outside agencies that are relevant to the needs of specific children in their class e.g from the Autism Spectrum Disorder Outreach Service, Emotional Literacy difficulties.
  • The SENCo has completed the National Accredited Training for SEND.
  • The SENCo is a facilitator for the Aptgo training for other schools; offering support to recognise strengths and areas for development in the area of Special Educational Needs and Disability.
  • The SENCoalso delivers SEND related training to staff.