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Remembrance Day

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Art Week October 2018


During Art Week we have been celebrating the achievements of children from across the school in their Art lessons.  The children enjoyed watching an Art Gallery of work and were amazed at what they saw. Children who had work show in the Art Gallery were rewarded with an 'Art Achievement Award Certificate' and a house point for their house.  Well done to everybody involved.  We hope you enjoy look at our Art Gallery!  


Mrs Shilvock - Art Subject Leader

Harvest Festival 11 October 2018


“Cabbages and greens,

Broccoli and beans,

Cauliflower and roasted potatoes,

Taste so good to me!


Apricots and plums,

Ripened in the sun,

Oranges and yellow bananas,

Good for everyone!


It’s another Harvest Festival

When we bring our fruit and vegetables,

Cause we want to share the best of all

The good things that we’ve been given.”


At Lark Rise Academy’s Harvest Festival on Friday 11th October, the children and staff sang a number of songs with gusto to celebrate this special occasion. Major Steve Brevitt, from the Salvation Army, was welcomed as part of the assembly. Throughout the assembly, there were lots of reminders of how lucky we all are to have plenty of food and that it is important, at this special time of year when the farmers are gathering their crops, to think of those people who may be in need and may be hungry as they have little food to eat. The children were keen to share their food from home in order to help others and, as a result, a lovely Harvest Festival display was created. It was made up of cans and packets of food which were taken after the assembly, by Major Steve, to the food bank at the Salvation Army. Lark Rise’s festival celebration was a joyous occasion enjoyed by all of those present and it is hoped the food donations will benefit those in need too!  

National Biology Week October 2018


From the 8th to 12 October, the school celebrated National Biology Week. The theme of the week was ‘Blood, Bones and Body Bits’.


We started the week with Mrs Hearne sharing an assembly that demonstrated facts related to bones, including how many we have and which were the biggest and smallest bones in our body. The assembly also taught us the role of the heart, lungs, red and white blood cells and also discovered how Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine for small pox in the 18th Century.


Over the course of the week, a range of visitors talked to the children about their jobs related to biology and the human body. These included:


  • a member of the NHS Blood and Transport service to further our understanding of blood and organ transplants
  • two personal trainers (one of whom is also a midwife) who helped us understand how to look after our own body by discussing the sugar in different types of drinks and also running exercise circuits for us.
  • A physiotherapist who showed us models of a range of bones and how some of our joints worked.
  • A dentist who talked about the different types of teeth we have, why they are important and how to keep our teeth healthy.


The children also took part in exciting workshops run by Hands on Science. They participated in exciting practical activities based on different aspect of human biology relating to their age-related science curriculum,. Reception learned how to keep their bodies healthy, Key Stage One learned about bones and the skeleton. Lower Key Stage Two loved learning about digestion and making a model of how food is digested from eating to the disposal of waste products! Upper Key Stage Two focused on the circulatory system and were extremely excited to have the opportunity to dissect a heart.


In an extension of our Biology Week activities, Key Stage Two are also soon going to start linking via skype with a farmer in the U.K. as part of an initiative from Leaf UK. The children will gain a greater understanding of where our food comes from and what form modern farming takes. The skype calls will take place at regular intervals over the year and enable the children to see farming through the seasons.


Lastly, Mrs Hearne was blown away by the incredibly high standard of entries for the competition to create a 3D sculpture of an organ of the body. The wide array of entries was very hard to judge and showed great creativity coupled with super science learning at home (thank you parents as always for the amazing support you gave in this learning opportunity). The winning entries are being announced to the children very soon!


What a fantastic week!



Skip Beatz


On Monday 24th September, Lark Rise children were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Pete at Skip Beatz. Pete delivered an amazing assembly in which he talked to the children about how a skipping rope changed his life. A once unhealthy man, Pete took up skipping and currently holds the world record for the most amount of crossovers in one minute (110!). Pete explained how he has tripped many times, but has built up his amazing ability by being resilient and practising every day. He now travels the world sharing his talent with others. Pete then ran 9 workshops across the school, inspiring and teaching the children to skip - many of them buying new skipping ropes to continue their efforts at home. It was an absolutely fantastic day and the big smiles on the children's faces showed just how much they had enjoyed the day. Well done to them all for taking part and learning a new skill!
Mrs Harley

Art Assembly 17th October 2018


This week we have been celebrating the achievements of children from across the school in their Art lessons.  The children enjoyed watching an Art Gallery of work and were amazed at what they saw. Children who had work show in the Art Gallery were rewarded with an 'Art Achievement Award Certificate' and a house point for their house.  Well done to everybody involved.

We hope you enjoy look at our Art Gallery!


Mrs Shilvock - Art Subject Leader