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Events 2017-18

Sublime Science - Wednesday 18th October 2017


Below are some quotes from the children following the Sublime Science treat for Green House:


Joseph Year 6

"I had a cup on my head which was shot off by an air cannon.  The air waves travelled through the air and pushed it off."


Rosie Year 6

"There was a bottle of lemonade and we put seven mints into the lemonade and it exploded into the air really high; it was very cool."


Hannah Year 5

"We had a big, long, plastic tube about two metres long that someone had to fill with one breath! The trick was to line up with the bag, stand slightly back and blow into it with one puff.  Then the person had to hold tight and when it was inflated close to the end."


Henry Year 1

"We made some slime.  The slime was squishy.  I mixed in some 'Troll snot' to make it a blue colour."


Oliver Year 6

"We made an awesome explosion with a lemonade bottle which I pumped air into. The bottle made an impressive rocket that landed in the Upper Key Stage Two playground from the ground outside Key Stage One.  It was amazing."


Oliver  Year 4

" We made sherbet.  We had to get three ingredients from different stations to make the sherbet.  They were icing sugar; bicarbonate of soda and citric acid.  It tasted sour just like the sherbet you buy."


Amelia  Reception

"I made dragon snot slime.  It was squashy."


Kristian  Year 6

" We made our own sherbet.  It tasted sour like the normal sherbet but the texture was different. We also made slime.  Making slime was really fun.  My slime was coloured with Troll snot!"

Diwali Assembly 16.10.17

In our Diwali assembly we enjoyed hearing about how Diwali is celebrated. We watched a clip in which a family showed us the many ways they celebrated and enjoyed seeing the gifts and food shared at the family celebration. We thought about how our friends and family might celebrate and Mrs Taylor shared the diva lamps she had been given by Sangita’s family and described how Sangita’s family would be visiting the Temple.

The children thought about the story of Rama and Sita and the significance of the Diva lamps being lit in the story. We also thought about how Diwali is a time of new beginnings and how this is celebrated around the world.

We finally thought about what we could learn from this festival and thought about if there were any areas we would like a new beginning or fresh start in.

Harvest Festival - 13th October 2017


“Cabbages and greens,

Broccoli and beans,

Cauliflower and roasted potatoes,

Taste so good to me!


Apricots and plums,

Ripened in the sun,

Oranges and yellow bananas,

Good for everyone!


It’s another Harvest Festival

When we bring our fruit and vegetables,

Cause we want to share the best of all

The good things that we’ve been given.”


At Lark Rise Academy’s Harvest Festival on Friday 13th October, the children and staff sang a number of songs with gusto to celebrate this special occasion. Throughout the assembly, there were lots of reminders of how lucky we all are to have plenty of food and that it is important, at this special time of year when the farmers are gathering their crops, to think of those people who may be in need and may be hungry as they have little food to eat. Major Steve Brevitt, from the Salvation Army, was welcomed as part of the assembly and he reinforced this important message by talking to the children about the word ‘harvest’; he showed the children many of the other words that can be made using the letters in this word…such as ‘starve’ ‘eat’ and ‘share’. The children were keen to share their food from home in order to help others and, as a result, a lovely Harvest Festival display was created. It was made up of cans and packets of food which were taken after the assembly, by Major Steve, to the food bank at the Salvation Army. Lark Rise’s festival celebration was a joyous occasion enjoyed by all of those present and it is hoped the food donations will benefit those in need too!  

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National Biology Week


From 9th to 13th October, the school celebrated National Biology Week. We started when I shared an assembly with the children to talk about famous biologists of the natural world and how many were also intrepid explorers from Charles Darwin to David Attenborough today.


The Chairman of the Bedfordshire Natural History Society, Dr Wilf Powell, visited the Nursery and Reception children to show them a variety of artefacts related to local nature. This included a mink skin which the children really enjoyed touching! He was also kind enough to leave a number of items for children to share in their classes throughout the school.


On Tuesday, Deborah Harvey from the Royal Holloway University came in to talk to the whole school about Biodiversity and some biodiversity projects the University are running that we can take part in as a school. It was extremely informative and the children loved seeing moth and beetle specimens up close using a visualiser to magnify them on the large hall screen.


The excitement of all children was clear to see in our visits from Teaching Talons. Children took part in workshops linked to their National Curriculum science learning objectives such as the themes diet, adaptation, minibeasts, rainforest and nocturnal animals.  Children enjoyed seeing  and handling a range of animals including the largest stick insect which was extremely leaf like, cockroaches, owls, snakes, tortoises, guinea pigs, tarantulas and giant millipedes to name a few! They also saw a Tenrec which is an animal from the Madagascan rainforests that looks very much like the hedgehogs we are familiar with. However it is not a hedgehog but in fact related to elephants and aardvarks!


Key Stage One enjoyed a trip to the Natural History Museum at Tring on 13th October. Here they had a chance to explore the range of galleries containing the famous specimens belonging to Walter Rothschild as well as participate in museum run learning workshops on the topic of animal classification.


We were also really pleased to welcome Jules Howard to school on Friday. Jules is a highly knowledgeable science author who regularly writes for the Guardian and the BBC and has also appeared on the One Show. He is passionate about fossils and through his company PalaeoLabs teaches children about fossils and evolution. The children enjoyed learning about fossils, evolution and Darwin and he was fantastic at letting the children be hands on with his artefacts including a rock specimen that is over 1 billion years old! Several children and their parents/carers came back after to school to talk to Jules and I think they agreed with me that he is truly inspiring!


Lastly, the children created some amazing entries about extinct animals, famous biologists and the plants and animals to be found in a variety of countries.


What a fantastic week!


Written by Mrs Hearne, Science Subject Leader