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Events 2014-15

November 2014 KS2 Sports hall Athletics Tournament

On Tuesday 18th November, ten of our Key Stage 2 pupils competed in a local schools Sports hall Athletics tournament at Dunstable Leisure Centre. The Lark Rise team was Max Clarke, Alex Covington, George Cant, Harry Dunford, Jude O’Connor, Madelin Lane, Sasha Wilkinson, Sadie Rolls, Libby Herron and Darcy Phillips.


The pupils challenged other schools in: sprints, long jump, hurdles, javelin, target throw, balance beam, chest pass and vertical jump.


Both the boys and the girls teams represented the school very well and put in a great deal of effort. They were able to build on their learning from the first part of the Autumn term when they were able to practice the events in school. All children had displayed great skills across the board.


Despite competition from a number of very strong schools the Lark Rise team came 2nd which was a superb achievement. Very well done!


I would like to thank all of the pupils who took part and also Mrs Marshall for helping during the day.


Mr Whale.

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Year 8 ambassadors visit Lark Rise!

On Tuesday 18th November 2014, a group of Year 8 ambassadors from Parkfield Middle School visited us to meet with our Year 4 ambassadors.


Both groups of children were keen to share ideas on how children feel valued at each school and started off the afternoon with an ice breaker organized by Mr Fisher and his children. It didn’t take long until children from both schools knew each others’ names!


The Parkfield children then delivered a presentation and explained the current initiatives they use, such as: ‘Toast of the week', cake for children who have worked well for a period of time and smarties for high attendance. Our ambassadors then had a chance to share how they are valued at Lark Rise; and explained the various cups, certificates, rewards and prizes we have.


We finished off the afternoon with a tour around the school and our ambassadors lead the way, pointing out various displays and meeting with children and staff along the way.


Both groups of children had a great experience and I’d like to thank Mr Fisher for bringing along his ambassadors and giving us all the opportunity to share ways in which we value each other. We are looking forward to arranging a visit to Parkfields to see their work in action!


Mr Page

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